August 02, 2016 1 min read

Is it only a dream? follow your passion? do what's in your heart?  There are so many people that espire to do different things, but do not act on them. They continue to beat the same pavement or run the same rat race, without having total satisfaction in doing what they do.  How do you break out of that bubble?  How do you branch out and follow your Dreams?

Well, for one, you can start by listing some things that you have a passion for or jotting down some things that you have always wanted to do?  What are your interests?  That should be your first start.  According to Erika Anderson at Forbes, she recommends that you put yourself out there...

The advice I've given, over and over, is simple: get curious and explore. Then notice your own reaction. Curiosity (which I talk about fairly often) is a wonderful thing. It's that feeling of "I really want to find out more about this." It's like a mental and emotional itch to understand that you just have to scratch. If our hypothetical man and woman allowed themselves to get curious about their areas of possible passion, they'd have three main avenues of exploration to satisfy that curiosity: information, people and situations.

Do your research on that idea and look at some things that others have possibly done around that idea.  If your passion tuggs at you on a daily basis, its time to take action! and follow your dreams...after all, life is short.

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